#RecruitmentScams: Every single tycoon was someday an intern, Isn’t it?

#SSCscam Youth Speaks खिड़की के पार

Udipt Nidhi; Patna

College-goers have always been agile. Not only physically, but mentally and politically! Same goes true for Patnaites who have witnessed the performance of the present day bigwigs as youth functionaries. Every single tycoon was someday an intern. Isn’t it?

Patna University (PU) is no exception to the topic of discussion. Life at PU has a very close relationship with politics. Both the present day Bihar houses, assembly and the council, includes a constellation of bigshots with the likes of Nitish Kumar, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswan, Sushil Kumar Modi, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Ram Jatan Sinha and Ashwini Kumar Choubey to name a few.One thing in common. The PU!

Group of students seating the other side of Patna University, PHOTO/GOOGLE

There used to be a time when electoral success in Patna University Student Union (PUSU) elections was like a wild card entry to active politics. Here we share the story of a former PUSU vice-president who appeared for the recent sub-inspector recruitment exams. There are allegations that the questions were already compromised. High end racketeers involved!

Reportedly less chance for talent, than for the incompetent fools with the silver spoon. Incompetent, because they are tried to buy their entry tickets to what they consider a “secure” government job.

See it his way. By the time he entered university, he admired politics. He entered and later excelled the college politics only to be elected PUSU vice-president. The bon homie was short lived as he was soon crestfallen.

Aspiring success in competitive examinations, he pulled up his socks for being taken into the police. Prepared well! No resultant. It was the behavior of his colleagues earlier, the system this time. First glance of the actually harsh reality indeed.

We are talking about ISSUES, so better focus on them than on people! Let us talk of the plight of the students first. On the first occasion, our subject, the former PUSU vice-president, was successful in achieving what he desired. A good political footing while still in the undergrads. What closely followed was sheer disillusionment.

गांधी मैदान में आंदोलनरत छात्र
Protester students at GandhiMaidan #sscscam, PHOTO/DPILLAR

Then followed the recruitment scams: SSC and sub-inspector recruitment. Another potential disenchantment for the subject! At times when students are hitting out at the law enforcement agencies for their lack of professional capabilities in curbing the menace of what they claim to be “the scholars.”

And then, the state government laments of migration, the brain drain. Is the Bihari youth doomed to perish in poverty due to the professional incompetence of the state and the center in providing them proper jobs? What we suggest? What the subject must do?

(UdiptNidhi is an environment journalist; presently heads research, TheTrickyScribe.com. Bhojpuri being his passion and Patna University his alma mater, Udipt also finds interest in youth affairs.)