Aspirants in no mood of taking a no for an answer #SSCSCAM

#SSCscam Youth Speaks आज की ख़बर

Chandra Bhushan & Aditya Vaibhav:  The clamour around the purported Staff Selection Commission (SSC) examination paper leak scam has been continuing unabated for the last several days. Full of twists and turns! What remains a constant is the utter failure of the SSC and the government as a whole in curbing the menace of those using mala fide means in their bid to securing government jobs.



#SSCscam Nothing but a loss of face

The issue is clear. The SSC has suffered an absolute loss of face as no one (not even the employment seekers) has faith in its ability to do the damage control. Be it Delhi or Patna, the SSC aspirants have raised their voice in support of the CBI enquiry that ensued. Supreme Court had also agreed to hear on Monday a plea seeking an investigation into the alleged scam.

Fallacies in the exam mechanism

Governments have shown their vulnerability in face of people like Ranjeet Don with the competition examination mechanism buckling under their soles. The havoc created by issues like this not only brings bad name but also acts as major turn down for the talented youth that then switches its focus towards private jobs. Who would risk boarding a drowning boat after all?

गांधी मैदान में आंदोलनरत छात्र #SSCscam

Repeated debacles of Bihar State Examination Board (BSEB) in conducting fair examinations are examples of the professional prowess of “resourceful” middlemen. Efforts of BSEB chief Anand Kishore who personally took charge of inspections notwithstanding, the likes of Ruby Roy and Ganesh have made the BSEB hit the nadir.

Disheartened examinees

Hundreds of aspirants have been staging protests in the heart of the national capital, while the Opposition has been lashing out at the Centre for its ‘inaction.’ Of these, there are examinees who point something very rancid.

Smell a rat?

An exam centre owner in Bihar claimed in a full-scale presser held in Patna, Bihar, last year alleged categorically that some SSC authorities tried to persuade him to allow his centre to be misused by allowing proxy candidates to write exams for SSC MTS Exam.

गांधी मैदान में आंदोलनरत छात्र #sscscam

His centre was cancelled by the commission post his denial for the ill-intentions of the authorities concerned. He went on claiming that he was offered a handsome amount of money by some people who said that proxy candidates would write an exam in the centre.


It may be mentioned here that the Centre on Monday last ordered a CBI inquiry into what the candidates the alleged scam. “We have accepted the demands of the protesting candidates and have given orders for CBI inquiry. Protests should now stop,” Home Minister Rajnath Singh told media.